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Cesaria Evora
Cesaria Evora1 week ago
Ten years ago, in November 2010 Lusafrica releases “Cesaria Evora &”, a compilation of the most beautiful duets she recorded between 1993 and 2010, with Marisa Monte, Compay Segundo, Salif Keita, Caetano Veloso, Bernard Lavilliers, Adriano Celentano, and many others including Lura for the tracks “Moda Bô”.

"As a child, I dreamed of being like you / Singing on stage in divine light, like you / Often in my teens in front of the mirror / I used a pretend microphone to sing like you / I want to sing like you” sings Lura to Cesaria, who replies to her “In my time, I’ve met people and seen the world / Achieved my life’s dream, singing of Cape Verde, singing of my land / I want to share my experience with everyone / I want to share the history of a people with the world / The history of a life”.

Full Album "Cesaria Evora &" :
Cesaria Evora
Lura & Cesaria Evora - Moda Bô (official)
A slideshow with pictures of Lura and Cesaria Evora, on Moda Bô recorded in January 2010. Lura : Facebook : iTunes : htt...
Cesaria Evora
Cesaria Evora2 weeks ago
Remember, on 15 November 1991, the album “Mar Azul” is released.
A month later, a concert is organized on December 14th at the New Morning in Paris.
The journalist Veronique Mortaigne writes in Le Monde: “Cesaria Evora, a lively fifty-year-old, sings morna with mischievous devotion... (she) belongs to the world nobility of bar singers”.

With this album and this concert, the legend has begun to take shape...
Mar Azul :
Cesaria Evora
Cesaria Evora4 weeks ago
Cesaria Evora in Manu Katche's TV show "One Shot Not" sings "Ligereza" and "Sentimento" from album "Nha Sentimento".
Cesaria Evora
Cesaria Evora - One Shot Not - Part 1
Cesaria Evora num show de televisão na França part 1
Cesaria Evora
Cesaria Evora1 month ago
Nha Sentimento released on October 26th, 2009
Cesaria's singing is closely entwined with the record's production and the work of the musicians accompanying her. She has put more into the recording process than ever here, working in close partnership with Nando. She is at her emotional peak.

Listen to the album here :
Cesaria Evora
Cesaria Evora1 month ago
October 2006, Cesaria was on the stage of the Nancy Jazz Pulsations, you can watch the full concert on Lusafrica's Youtube Channel, a real Best of, including Petit Pays, Sodade, Angola, Besame Mucho and many other songs...

Cesaria Evora
Cesaria Evora - Nancy Jazz Pulsation (2006)
Nancy Jazz Pulsations 2006 [SETLIST] 1. Vaquinha Mansa [00:00] 2. Sombras Di Destino [4:00] 3. Travessa de Peixeira [08:55] 4. Mar de Canal [11:40] 5. Petit ...
Cesaria Evora
Cesaria Evora2 months ago
A rare version of "Sodade", broadcasted by French TV "Le Cercle" on 12 October 1998 - with Bau on guitar. Bau also performed on “Mar Azul”, the album that launched Cesaria Evora in 1991. In 1994, he joined the singer’s orchestra and, two years later, became its musical director.
Cesaria Evora
Cesária Évora "Sodade" (live officiel) | Archive INA
Abonnez-vous 12 octobre 1998 Césaria EVORA chante "Sodade" entourée de ses musicie...